• Company: An Environmental Consultant
  • Category: PCB Management Services
  • Location: Indiana & Northwest Ohio Territory
  • Focus: The Removal of Water, Oil and Sludge Contaminated with Low Level PCBs

Project Summary

  • The removal of water, oil and sludge that had been contaminated with low level PCBs from 7 mostly underground pits in a waste water treatment plant in use for a manufacturing plant.
  • The customer required extreme attention to detail throughout project which included many logs of waste vessels associated to different areas of the plant which all had to be sampled individually before classification for shipment.

Project Tasks

  • ERG provided the vac truck and crew to evacuate all pits prior to confined space entry for cleaning.
  • Samples were taken as each vessel was being cleaned and another sample was obtained after the cleaning was done.
  • 180,000 gallons of water were separated from the sludges and oils
  • ERG subcontracted a filtering process for discharge.

Project Control

  • ERG was on time, on schedule, and almost on budget.
  • Confined space entry permit was required.
  • ERG has the knowledge and the transportation licenses to properly transport your hazardous waste.