• Company: Tribar - Chrome Plater of Automotive Components in SEMI
  • Category: Plating Waste (Filtercake) removal services.
  • Location: Wixom, Michigan
  • Date: March 10-15, 2019
  • Cost: $80,000
  • Focus: Emergency filtercake roll-off swap-outs so they could continue production.

Project Summary

Due to increased production and production changes related to the elimination of PFOS chemicals, they’d been producing additional filtercake. They might typically need an emergency swap-out once / year, but with increased production and production changes, they needed 3-4 emergency roll-off swap-outs in the 1st Qtr 2019. ERG rearranged shipping schedules and provided additional equipment to handle the production changes.

Project Tasks

Waste Removal Services, Transportation, Pickup & Delivery. Production schedules were maintained, avoiding costly production shut-downs and possible contractual penalties.

Project Control

Without the “emergency” roll-off swap-outs they would have had to stop or curtail production. ERG’s services prevented any adverse impact to production.