• Company: Electro Plating Facility
  • Category: Zinc Die Cast Facility Decommissioning/Cyanide Tanks
  • Location: Marysville, Ohio
  • Date: June 2010 – October 2010
  • Cost: $550,000
  • Focus: Management of 100+ Years of Cyanide/ Heavy Metal Waste Accumulation at Plating Facility

Project Summary

When the owners of the facility decided to decommission their zinc die cast facility in Marysville, Ohio, they needed to partner with an waste/industrial contractor able to safely and effectively manage the complexities of decommissioning a turn-of-the-century era facility impacted by 100+ years of residual cyanide and heavy metal contamination.

Project Tasks

Sample, analyze, containerize, load, transport, and dispose of liquid, sludge, and solid waste contained within 14 tanks and evaporators, 6 vaults and pits, 60’ of floor trench, and 572 drums. Residual waste included acids, caustics, cyanide plating waste, chrome solution, laboratory reagents, chemicals, and analytical waste thereof. Following waste removal, decontaminate facility structures, including an on-site wastewater treatment system, chrome evaporator, cyanide evaporator, associated pits and tanks, trenches, piping, vents and hoods, etc. Demolish antiquated process lines, evaporators, and storage tanks.

Project Control

  • The extreme age of the facility made even simple tasks difficult to complete
  • An abnormally high concentration of cyanides present in the plating waste complicated and elevated the Health and Safety requirements and required export of the waste to Canada for treatment and disposal
  • The waste also exhibited high chrome concentrations as the company utilized evaporators as a waste minimization tactic, resulting in an on-site accumulation of approximately 25 years of process waste
  • Upon completion, the facility passed an OEPA closure audit
  • Project was completed on time and at a significant cost savings, due to ERG’s creativity in waste treatment and disposal methods
The following waste quantities were generated throughout the process and transported off-site for waste treatment and disposal:
  • Concentrated cyanide plating sludge: 572 drums + 410 tons (bulk)
  • Concentrated chrome solution: 29,000 gallons
  • Concentrated cyanide liquor: 1,500 gallons
  • Cyanide contaminated debris: 52 cubic yards
  • Off-spec products and lab chemicals: 40 drums