Hazardous Waste Service
  • Company: A Greater Michigan Company
  • Category: Lab Pack Services / Chemical
  • Location: Southwest Michigan
  • Focus: Provide Chemical Lab Pack Services for a foreclosed property.

Project Summary

A Greater Michigan company is shuttered when the bank calls their note. The liquidators came in and auctioned off the assets to cover the debt but the plant was loaded with industrial chemical products including a paint kitchen, machining coolants and oils along with anything else that would be used in running a manufacturing facility. The liquidator had a lot of material to dispose of to clean the property for sale, and very little knowledge of the materials on the site or what to do with them.

Project Tasks

  • ERG worked with the liquidator to remove many types of chemicals including drums of paint, paint thinner, motor oil, glycol, mixed solvents, and industrial cleaning products.
  • ERG provided them with a turnkey solution for the chemicals allowing them to work on the other items.

Project Control

  • ERG knows waste. We were able to size up the mess and give them a fair cost to remove.
  • ERG has trained professionals that can perform a waste sweep, categorize the materials, profile, package and transport for disposal your unneeded chemicals.
  • ERG has the transportation licenses to properly transport for disposal your hazardous waste.