• Company: Aluminum Extrusion Facility
  • Category: Aluminum Extrusion Facility Demolition/Soil Remediation
  • Location: Southeast Michigan
  • Date: September 2009 – February 2011
  • Cost: $3.2 Million
  • Focus: Waste Sweep and Industrial Cleaning Prior to Demolition and Soil/Groundwater Remediation

Project Summary

ERG was awarded a contract to provide waste management, industrial cleaning, and demolition of a 219,000 sf manufacturing facility despite not being the lowest bid for the work

ERG’s detailed technical proposal and waste/industrial/environmental experience demonstrated to local facility managers and international owners that the project would be completed as proposed, in compliance with all environmental regulations, and in the most cost efficient manner possible, including returning metal salvage value to defray overall project costs

Subsequent to demolition, the work transformed into a significant soil and groundwater remediation project.

Project Tasks

  • Survey and abatement of asbestos-containing materials prior to the start of waste collection and removal, industrial cleaning and decontamination, and facility demolition.  Assessment, identification, packaging, transport, and disposal of all chemical and universal waste from within 219,000 sf of manufacturing space located over seven (7) buildings, including chemical waste, bulk oils, sludge, mercury devices, PCB transformers, fluorescent lamps, etc.  Industrial cleaning of heavily impacted pits, trenches, flooring, walls, presses and other structures prior to demolition
  • Characterization, transport, and disposal of generated bulk and containerized wastes thereof. Structure demolition, including torch cutting/demolition of two (2) massive extrusion presses, resulting in the salvage of 2600+ tons of ferrous/non-ferrous scrap. Excavation, transport, and disposal of 15,000+ tons of hazardous and non-hazardous soil
  • Installation/operation of on-site groundwater treatment system
  • Hydraulic breaking

Project Control

  • ERG provided a full-time, on-site field clerk to manage the significant amount of documents required for off-site transport of scrap, debris, and concrete and the importation of backfill to ensure accurate material tracking and invoicing
  • Soil remediation was tracked from five separate areas, including one (1) RCRA hazardous area
  • The site was backfilled, contoured to ensure drainage across the site, and hydro-seeded pursuant to the Owner’s requirements.