• Company: Detroit Edison Company
  • Category: Class C Substation SPCC Projects (20+ Sites)
  • Location: Detroit / Wayne County, Michigan
  • Date: 2007 to Present
  • Cost: $3 Million
  • Focus: Installation of Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures & Preparation of SPPC Plans

Project Summary

  • ERG was retained to engineer, procure and construct required elements of DTE’s SPCC plans for 20+ Class C Electrical Substations located throughout the greater Detroit area
  • Measures were installed pursuant to EPA’s latest SPCC regulations for oil-filled equipment within and around the substations
  • DTE substations included herein require SPCC compliance as the typical substation has an aggregate fuel in equipment/oil volume which exceeds the SPCC’s regulatory maximum 1,320 gallon storage limit for tanks which could discharge oil into or upon US navigable waters or adjoining shorelines in the event of a catastrophic release.

Project Tasks

At sites where control measure installation was not practical, SPCC plans were designed with contingencies to discover, respond to, and clean up incidental discharges of oil.  ERG performed all necessary field investigations/reconnaissance site visits, researched/ procured available DTE documents/drawings, and designed/prepared SPCC documents and drawings using AutoCAD and Microstation Version 7. All necessary materials were procured by ERG to perform the field installation work ERG managed and constructed the required field/containment structures to meet the EPA’s SPCC regulatory requirements and was responsible for obtaining all necessary permits.  To facilitate the required work, ERG dismantled all de-energized, out-of-service equipment and reclaimed all precious metal for recycling, with proceeds returned to DTE.

Project Control

  • The core purpose of these plans was to establish a program for oil spill prevention and release recovery at DTE electrical substations
  • The plans were prepared in accordance with consideration of applicable industry standards and to satisfy the EPA’s requirements for an SPCC Plan
  • ERG submitted preliminary design documents for DTE contract review and approvals
  • Weekly time sheets and proposed subcontractors/environmental product suppliers were submitted to DTE for review and approval
  • In addition to installation of the recommended containment structures, ERG went above and beyond to ensure that the substations were cleaned both in respect to hygiene and the indoor/outdoor environment.