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Soil Remediation at MGP Sites

Project Company

Dte Energy – Environmental Division

Project Summary

ERG participated in a competitive bid process for all three (3) sites and was selected not on only price but also because of our expertise and suggested approaches to complete the projects. Michcon ● Broadway Service Center ● Ann Arbor ● Former MGP Site Michcon ● Wealthy Service Center ● Grand Rapids ● Former MGP Site Soil impacted with byproducts produced from historical gas processes conducted on site. Objective – selectively remove identified hot-spots of coal-tar, an MGP byproduct. DTE Energy ● Fowlerville Central Tank Battery ● Fowlerville ● Aboveground Tank Battery Soil impacted by releases from several leaking aboveground storage tanks located on site. Objective – remove impacted soil, assist with confirmatory soil sampling, and restore site.

Project Tasks

Maximize removal of coal-tar source and other impacted materials while minimizing infiltration of accumulated groundwater ● All waste transported off-site for disposal at licensed facilities.  Minimize disruption of site activities/personnel and ensure safety to immediate businesses, residences, and pedestrians, including implementation of dust and odor control measures. Remedial actions conducted per USEPA Area of Contamination (AOC) Policies, allowing movement/placement of wastes within areas of dispersed contamination.

Project Control

Under AOC, hot spots of material can be consolidated with less contaminated media within the excavation to promote beneficial physical/chemical characteristics of the material to facilitate subsequent treatment/disposal ● Impacted materials were tested upon removal from the AOC to determine regulatory waste classification ● Soil was excavated at the MGP site to 10’ – 20’ bgl and to 25’ bgl at the Tank Battery site ● Accumulated groundwater was pumped to on-site frac tanks prior to disposal at a licensed industrial waste facility ● Air monitoring and traffic control were performed continuously to ensure public safety ● Dust suppression was achieved via misting and street sweeping ● Sand and foam were applied for odor suppression ● Upon completion of backfill operations, disturbed surfaces at each site were restored to pre-remediation conditions.

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