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Landfill FREE ARP Absorbent Program

Landfill FREE ARP Absorbent Program

ERG and GLF have developed a low cost proprietary absorbent with all the benefits of super absorbent pads, pillows and socks while handling soiled absorbents in a low cost, environmentally friendly method instead of a landfill.

Company wants to be LANDFILL FREE?

Tired of paying the high cost of “Waste to Energy”?

Now here’s a cost effective option!

Our ARP program offers a superior absorbent, then when soiled and ready for disposal, ERG handles the pickup. Using our proprietary process, we will terminate and repurpose the material, provide a certificate to document the material was handled correctly. All aspects of our program meet or exceed all U.S. Environmental requirements and provides peace of mind knowing that the waste is handled responsibly.

How it works?

ERG has a proprietary process that eliminates the problems that oily waste streams/absorbents bring.  Our ARP program is easy!  You will be supplied the highest quality NeuSorb absorbents, made in the USA. When the absorbents are used, they are picked up by ERG. You will receive certificates and documentation for your environmental initiatives.

Contact us today for more information and receive a FREE environmental evaluation!

What types of absorbents are available?

NeuSorb™ Items to order:

  • Pads
  • Socks
  • Drum Tops
  • Spill Kits
  • Railroad Mats
  • Wipes
  • Pillows
  • Surface Socks
  • Custom Sizes Available


More Information on Pro Rail Track Mat:

Pro Rail Mats are constructed of layers of highly absorbent material sandwiched between a high strength needle punched felt top layer and tacky black poly ground liner to prevent bleed through.

The UV resistant material comes in 60″ rolls to fit between the rails and the 19″ rolls are to fit on the outside of the rails. These items can be used separately or in unison.

Although this product has been marketed for the Rail Roads in particular, there are many other applications for which this product can be used.

This product has been used on warehouse floors, forklift traffic, foot traffic in plants, foot traffic at oil spills, fuel depots, construction sites, and the list goes on.

Pro Rail Mats are part of the ARP program, which means delivery and installation of the mat, pick up after the mat is spent.  LANDFILL FREE Absorbents!

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Landfill Free Absorbent Program

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