Shipping and Receiving Coordinator – Livonia, MI

Purpose: To help facilitate the inbound and outbound compliance of ERG

Inbound /Outbound Receiving coordinator

  • Receives driver completed paperwork as necessary, verifies all content and looks for discrepancies, waits for receiving to technicians to turn in signed inbound receiving verification documents including QA/QC documents.
  • Receiving coordinator records each shipping document in the ERG Receiving Logs
  • The original shipping document are placed in the appropriate outbound bin based on the destination facility or material type.
  • Shipping documents into ERG as the destination facility are verified and signed off by the Shipping coordinator and the original copy of the document is sent to the appropriate TWC for filing.
  • All other paperwork is verified and sent to the appropriate TWC for verification and billing.
  • Shipping coordinator is to keep a running piece count of each load into each destination facility and material type. Outbound loads are based on weekly shipments and piece counts. Weekly shipments are to be completed the morning of the day before the outbound shipment.
  • Copies of each shipping document are scanned and emailed to the contact person at each receiving facility the day before the shipment. The photocopy taken of the original shipping document for each load are combined and recorded in the outbound shipping log.
  • Outbound loads with ERG as the Generator are to be shipped as needed, keeping the inventory in the shop at a minimum while shipping efficiently. A daily piece count will be kept for each outbound material type, i.e. oil, antifreeze.

Technical Services Support

  • Assists Technical services with any special projects
  • Assists Technical services as additional labor on job or project sites
  • Provides assistance to ERG shop and facilities as needed
  • Provides technical guidance to shop personal as needed