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Every Day Is Earth Day
Free Earth Day Activity Pages

April 22, 2020 ERG and Earth Day

ERG Celebrates Earth Day 2020!

Earth Day Free activity coloring pages packet for kids and adults recycling household hazardous waste


ERG Environmental Services celebrates #earthday today and every day!

We have put together a small packet of activity pages for kids-young and older. Just click on the blue link above for your packet.

Earth Day isn’t just about recycling soup cans.  It’s about #householdhazardousWaste!  We call it #HHW

We realize this is a rough time for children and families.  ERG is here to support your efforts in recycling your household hazardous waste.  We find this information important to pass it down to the next generation of young recyclers!  As we celebrate #Earthday2020,  take some time with the people in your life to think about how important it is to protect our planet.  Enjoy the packet of activity pages! Feel free to go to our #HHW page for more details about our Recycling Drop Off Center.

Our Recycling Drop Off Center now has special COVID19 protective equipment and procedures for your safety and ours.

ERG Decon sanitizing COVID19 Coronavirus environmental services We are scheduling disinfecting projects now

ERG Environmental Services Livonia Michigan Serving the Great Lakes Region  sanitizing COVID19 Coronavirus environmental services We are scheduling disinfecting projects now









Here’s a great list of accepted items:

Old Nail Polish


Oil-based paints/stains


Paint Thinners



Household Cleaners/Chemicals

Household/Automotive Lubricants

Motor Oil

Pool & Spa Chemicals




Light Bulbs / Fluorescent Tubes


Transmission Fluid

Brake Fluid

Mercury: Mercury devices: thermostats and thermometers are $0.75 per pound.

Liquid Mercury (quicksilver) $30 per pound, 1 pound minimum.

Used Computers / Monitors / Keyboards


Aerosol Cans / ANY



Wood Stripper

Electronics/ Cell Phones/ Gaming Systems/ TV’s

Used Needles (Must be in hard rigid containers)

Pricing: $50 per Freon containing appliance.
Household appliances containing the refrigerant, freon, ie; Minibar refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and water coolers, A/C unit, mini-refrigerator(dorm size), wine coolers, etc


We do not accept full-sized refrigerators.

We accept these items at our recycling drop off center-check the website for fees & hours.


Here’s a list of 10 action items that you,  your friends and family can take today for a better planet.

  1. Walk, bike, or carpool with a friend to work, whenever possible.
  2. Treasure hunt for HHW around the house and drop off at ERG.  (use the list as a checklist)
  3. Stop using plastic water bottles.
  4. Opt for reusable grocery bags.
  5. Save paper by paying your bills online.
  6. Switch to glass instead of plastic.
  7. Grow your own fruits and vegetables in a garden.
  8. Volunteer and participate in a community cleanup day/OR Perform a road or street litter patrol.
  9. Learn about more ways to recycle.
  10. Reduce waste at home and work.

Thank You…

Thank you for your support and recycling efforts,  If you are in need of a disinfecting service due to COVID19 or need any other product or further information,  go to our “Contact Us” form,  please complete. We will contact you soon.

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Enjoy Earth Day!

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