ERG Environmental Services’ commitment to safety and has instituted a comprehensive corporate safety program for the benefit and protection of both ERG personnel and clientele. It is our vision to create a work environment that places extreme value on the well-being of our employees, thereby preventing occupational injury or illness. Accordingly, ERG accepts responsibility for the health and safety of our personnel, as demonstrated by our safety performance, which is a direct result of comprehensive training, education, and operational procedures provided to our personnel. ERG strives to create a healthy and safe work environment that reflects our dedication to eliminating the possibility of injury and/or illness within the workplace.

Facility and field personnel are trained in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations and are held accountable for performing their work in compliance with the training they have received. Safety is a group effort and requires all personnel to become active participants in the workplace safety program.

It is the duty of each employee to support the health and safety initiatives of ERG Environmental Services. Cooperation with supervisory personnel and others who exercise authority in enforcing the health and safety policies is expected, this includes immediate action including reporting, as soon as possible, any hazardous conditions, injury, accident, or illness related to the workplace. Further, strict adherence to the use of required personnel protective equipment (PPE) by each employee, as designated by the prevailing Health & Safety plan, direct supervisor, and/or any other designated personnel, is mandatory. ERG supports and encourages all personnel to play an active role in identifying hazards and offering suggestions or ideas to improve our shared health and safety program.

New Employee Health and Safety Program Orientation, introduces employees to a wide variety of Health and Safety policies and procedures and ERG’s Medical Monitoring and Surveillance Program. Specific training areas include:

  • Hazard communication
  • Job and chemical hazards
  • Chemical hygiene and lab safety
  • Respirator care and use
  • Safety and PPE care and use
  • Portable fire extinguisher use
  • EPA and DOT regulations
  • HAZWOPER – 40 hour site safety
  • HAZWOPER 8 hour refresher
  • Electrical safety – NFPA 70E
  • MSHA (mine safety/health)
  • Railsafe (railroad) safety training
  • Emergency response
  • First aid, CPR, blood borne pathogens
  • Confined space entry and CSE rescue
  • Lockout/tagout

Strict use of ERG’s health and safety project documentation is an integral component to the success of ERG’s safety program; documents include:

  • Safety documentation outline
  • Site-specific health & safety plan
  • Tailgate health & safety plan
  • Confined space entry permit
  • Aerial equipment operator permit
  • Hot work permit
  • Working at heights permit
  • Accident near-miss report
  • Accident or injury report