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Basic Methods of Waste Management: Incineration, Landfills and Recycling

Waste management is the control of materials that have become redundant and therefore need to be discarded. The process includes collection, transportation, sorting, recycling, clearance, and disposal of waste materials. Waste management includes radioactive substances and other materials that are in a solid, liquid, or gaseous state, and their management techniques also differ from each other.

Waste management is normally concerned with the materials produced by actions of humans, and unless managed efficiently may have adverse effects on the environment and health of the community. It is an important and complex process due to the multiple varieties of waste produced by industry, each producing different types of materials that require special management techniques.

Techniques Of Waste Disposal


Landfills, being simple and economical, are globally the most common


system of waste disposal. It involves the burial of waste materials. Landfills that are not properly designed or managed may create several environmental hazards and diseases due to the dispersion of garbage by wind, the attraction of rats, and other similar reasons.

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