65 gallon Over Pack Drum Spill Kit.


65 gallon Universal Spill Kit absorbs up to 51 gallons

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Quantity Description
1 65 Gallon Yellow Lab Pack with screw top lid, UN/DOT 1H2/X100/S 1H2/Y100/S
50 15″ x 18″ Universal Heavy Weight melt Blown Pads
2 5″ x 10′ Universal Boom. With Rings, Snaps and Rope.
10 18″ x 18″ Universal Pillows, Polypropylene Fill, Spun Bond Cover.
2 Pair of Nitrile Gloves
2 Button Goggle (Allows google to breath and reduces fogging)
10 Disposal bag and Tie
1 PND Plug N’ Dyke Putty
1 ERG (Emergency Response Guide) and Instruction Sheet

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