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Happy Holidays ! Thank You! HHW Season Wrap Up!
January 5, 2018

Happy Holidays ! Thank You! HHW Season Wrap Up!

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Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Thank You For Another Great HHW Season!

As the New Year unfolds, another successful household hazardous waste community collection season is wrapping up.  Since 2003, ERG has been conducting HHW collection events for municipalities and private organizations throughout Michigan and Ohio.   We maintain a large network of specialized team members experienced to perform these events, many events running simultaneously across multiple sites. We have a fantastic team!  We are efficient, safe, well organized and friendly.  It has been our pleasure to interact with residents from communities around the state while recycling their household hazardous waste.  ERG appreciates the participation of residents; this activity not only helps our business grow but also reduces the amount of toxic and hazardous materials going into the landfill. ERG maintains a full schedule of HHW events, corporate recycling events as well as permanent service locations and drop off locations in Livonia, MI, and Bowling Green, OH.

2017 HHW Waste Processed:

4,573,231 lbs total household hazardous waste processed in 2017.

This includes HHW events, permanent service locations, and drop-offs.


If you would like more information about dropping hhw off throughout the year, click the link.

If you would like more information about ERG and our full spectrum of environmental services, call toll free 1.855.459.0021

From all of us at ERG, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

We look forward to serving your corporate recycling event, county, city or community events in 2018.

December 12, 2017

Lab Packs Chemical Packing: It’s that time of Year

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Lab Packs – It’s THAT time of Year!

The end of the year brings re-organizing and industrial cleaning projects.  Every industry that generates hazardous and non-hazardous waste cleans out storerooms, flam cabinets and the like to start the new year fresh.  Companies usually find small amounts of miscellaneous chemicals throughout their facility, sometimes unidentified.    ERG Environmental Services provides a Lab Pack service to properly handle these chemicals.


Lab Packs are small containers of unwanted, expired, or out of date chemicals which are ready to be removed from a facility or lab.

These containers are then inventoried, segregated and packed together with other compatible chemicals in the same outer container.


Lab packing must follow specific rules, regulations, and exceptions as outlined by DOT and RCRA. Improper packaging or handling could lead to dangerous conditions, health hazards, or substantial fines.


  • ERG offers a unique blend of highly knowledgeable, experienced, and trained team members that work as a group to deliver the best services to our customers.
  • ERG will take inventories, segregate, stabilize, package, label, and transport the chemicals following all regulations and laws.
  • ERG offers an extensive network of vendors to meet your needs and offer the best pricing available. Our services include incineration, fuel blending, stabilization, WTE, neutralization, recycling and landfill options.
  • In addition to our lab pack services, ERG offers: recycling, remediation, sampling, industrial cleanings, and waste management services to meet all your needs.

    For Free Estimate:

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    ERG Environmental Services is a full-service environmental management company with facilities located in Ohio and Michigan. Our facilities serve the Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio states along with additional work as needed in adjoining states

    In Ohio ERG operates a RCRA Part B license universal waste recycling facility. This location specializes in recycling batteries mercury lamps, PCB liquids, e-waste, airbag recycling, and PCB transformers.

    Each commodity specialist vendor we contract with is R2 certified and has been reviewed and audited by our company to ensure the products are being handled and managed in accordance with all laws and regulations.

    Our knowledge of the waste industry and the ability to handle any waste your facility generates will minimize your organizations’ exposure to liabilities and leave you knowing you have made a good decision for your company and the environment.

    Call Us Today For A Free Estimate: 1.855.459.0021



October 26, 2017

Kelly Lang ~ White Lake Township Supervisor’s Office

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Friendly Service!

Well Organized!

Very Impressed!

Just a quick note to thank you and your crew for a well-organized, great drop-off day.  Supervisor Kowall, his staff, and the residents were very impressed with how efficient and friendly your ERG Environmental Services team was on Saturday.  We are all looking forward to working with ERG in the future.

Kelly Lang

Supervisor’s Office

White Lake Township


#Feedback #Testimonials #Safety #CustomerService #WeAreERG #EnvironmentalServices #HHW #WeLoveOurClients #Organized #Efficient #Friendly #@WhiteLakeMI @WhiteLakeTownshipMI #ThinkGreen #ActGreen #KeepYourCommunityClean #Teamwork #WeAreHereToHelp #HouseholdHazardousWaste #Recycle

October 24, 2017

Mary W. ~Farmington Hills

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Household Hazardous Waste

Collection Event

Farmington Hills, MI


Friendly & Efficient!

I want to thank you and all the employees who work the hazardous waste events.  The set up is well organized.  Everyone who works it is friendly and efficient.  I appreciate these events.  ~Mary W.  from Farmington Hills, MI



#RRRASOC @RRRASOC #Recycle #WeAreERG #HHW #EnvironmentalServices #UniversalWaste #Batteries #Lightbulbs #MedWaste #EWaste #Chemicals #Antifreeze #Paint #Gas #Oil #Cleaners #Solvents #Electronics #HouseholdChemicals #HouseholdHazardousWaste #ReduceLandfills #ThinkGreen #ActGreen #IndustrialServices #Remediation #IndustrialCleaning #Absorbents #WasteToEnergy @ERGenvServices #WeAreHereToHelp @FarmingtonMI @FarmingtonHillsMI @Michigan @PureMichigan #KeepYourCommunityClean #Recycling


October 3, 2017

October 7, 2017: 3 Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Collection Events

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RRRASOC HHW Recycling Collection Event: Novi


img img

Bloomfield Township HHW Recycling Event


Leelanau County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day!



ERG has HHW drop off service times year round:

Household Hazardous Waste Drop off

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September 28, 2017

3 Community Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events September 30, 2017

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3 Community Household Hazardous

Waste Collection Events

September 30, 2017


White Lake Township



Macomb Township


Print/Download flyers-Use links

White Lake Township – GFLServices – Acceptable Unacceptable Wastes – 2017

Household Hazardous Waste Flyer_201702070910339202 Macomb Twp 9.30.17

Clinton County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Information:

Be sure to review your community flyer for specific details.

Each community has specific items on the accepted/unaccepted items lists.

#Recycle #Batteries #Lightbulbs #Chemicals #UsedOil #HouseholdWaste #Sharps #ThinkGreen #ActGreen #KeepYourCommunityClean #Ewaste #ElectronicsRecycling #Paint #PaintRecycling #Mercury #WasteDisposal #HazardousWaste #Aerosols #Solvents #Acids #FluorescentLamps #FireExtinguishers #SmokeDetectors #PCBBallast #AutoBatteries #Propane #Pesticides #Herbicides #SprayPaint #Gasoline #Antifreeze #WeAreERG #WeAreHereToHelp @ClintonCountyMI @MacombTownshipMI @WhiteLakeTownshipMI #EnvironmentalServices #AcommunityThatRecyclesTogetherStaysTogether

We look forward to serving you and your community.  ERG Environmental Services participates with communities around Michigan and Ohio with their recycling and household hazardous waste disposal efforts to keep their communities clean and beautiful.

If you would like to drop HHW off at our facility in Livonia, MI–Click this link for details and fees:

Household Hazardous Waste Drop off

More about our HHW program:

ERG is a highly respected leader in the HHW industry, providing 65+ municipal and corporate events each year.
ERG’s sorting, bulking, packaging, loading and transport personnel have many years of HHW management experience, providing confidence and assurance all waste is managed safely and correctly.

ERG’s record for a one (1) day collection events stands at 105 experienced individuals coming together to service almost 3,000 vehicles, including unloading, sorting, packaging and removing 400,000 pounds (that’s 200 tons!) of waste over a one (1) day collection event.

Our friendly personnel are exceptionally careful when removing waste from participant’s vehicles to protect against spills or damage.

Since 2003 ERG has conducted over 600 HHW collection events for local municipalities and private organizations. We maintain a large network of experienced personnel and inventories of equipment and supplies to seamlessly perform simultaneous events across multiple states on the same day. We are organized, safe, efficient and friendly to everyone involved, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable event atmosphere.

ERG also provides HHS collection events for private companies, which may include participation for employees or also for local residents not otherwise serviced by their local municipality. Please contact ERG for more information about your company or organization sponsoring a HHW collection event.

September 19, 2017

ERG participates with S.T.E.M. in the Park

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Visit the website for more info at

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Press Release: ERG

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Press Release

ERG Environmental Services

Household Hazardous Waste

Recycling Collection Event


www.leelanaunews HHW 7-15-17



July 13, 2017

Colleen K- Milford HHW Event -Homeowner

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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event


Impressed !

I was so impressed with your operation on Milford’s Hazardous Waste Day! Your system was so organized and efficient and your people so friendly and knowledgeable. Truly impressive! Thank you for all you do!

~Colleen K.  Milford, MI Resident, owner of Red Maple Retreat


#HouseholdHazardousWaste #HHW #Waste #Recycle #RRRASOC #MilfordMI @RedMapleRetreat #WeAreERG

#EnvironmentalServices @ERGenvServices #ERGenvironmentalServices #WeAreHereToHelp #ThinkGreen

#ActGreen #KeepYourWorldClean @RRRASOC

Need more information on where to drop off your household hazardous waste?

July 7, 2017

RCRA / DOT Refresher Training: Are you “Audit Ready” ?

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rcraTraining flyer 7.18.17


Audit Ready?

#Compliance is Key!

Check your teams #training records!

RCRA refresher training is required annually as defined by 40 CFR 262.34a and 40 CFR265.16.

#RCRA #DOT #Training #HazardousWaste #Audit #Compliant #Industrial #EnvironmentalServices #Register #Environmental #WasteManagement #Mandatory #WasteGenerators

Audits are proving to review training records.  Be sure your team is confident and compliant.

Be Audit Ready!  Tuesday, July 18th!  

ERG presents an enjoyable learning experience that exceeds /meets regulatory requirements.  Our training professionals provide field experiences and examples that deepens knowledge and keeps the class engaged.

Regulations are constantly changing.  Stay up-to-date with the latest regulations for managing your hazardous waste from cradle to grave under the US EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations.

Build team confidence working with the RCRA hazardous waste rules to keep employees safe, prevent releases, and avoid costly EPA civil penalties and liability. EPA requires annual RCRA training for all hazardous waste facility personnel. In July 2016, US EPA raised the fines for RCRA hazardous waste violations. Fines are now as high as $71,264 per day, per violation.

Be Prepared !  Tuesday, July 18th 

The training includes an overview of hazardous waste management laws and regulations, a guide to complying with hazardous waste regulations including how to recognize hazardous wastes, how to manage waste correctly on site, how to properly select, label and mark waste containers, how to prepare shipments for transport to treatment, storage and disposal facilities, and how to properly keep records for compliance and enforcement.

This class also includes a review of the DOT’s regulations for shipping hazardous materials, including the Hazardous Materials Table (HMT), proper shipping name, hazard classes, marking and labeling, shipping papers, packing groups, and security.

This is a refresher course and is intended for individuals who are familiar with both RCRA and DOT requirements. Hands on materials are used throughout the class.

The class fee includes a light breakfast, beverages, lunch and the course materials.

Learn more about ERG Environmental Services:


imgA Trained Team is a Confident Team


Registration is easy!  Call today 1.855.459.0021 or Email:



May 15, 2017

#DisposeHHWproperly #Recycle #ThinkGreen #ActGreen

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May 20, 2017

Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Events

ERG is hosting 3 household hazardous waste collection recycling events this Saturday, May 20,2017.

****Please be sure to review your community flyer carefully, each event is different and has separate details, accepted items & hours, and items not accepted.  

  1.  RRRASOC (Resource Recovery & Recycling Authority)event: Milford location. Residents from the following communities may participate:  Farmington, Farmington Hills, Milford, Milford Township, Novi, South Lyon, Southfield, Walled Lake and Wixom. 

See Flyers below for details. #FarmingtonMI  #FarmingtonHillsMI #MilfordMI #MilfordTwpMI  #NoviMI #SouthLyonMI #SouthfieldMI #WalledLakeMI #WixomMI



Flyer-2017HouseholdHazardousWasteRRRASOC      (Download or Print Version)

Want to know when the next RRRASOC event is being held?          See flyer below!

Want more information about RRRASOC? #RRRASOC @RRRASOC

Check out the RRRASOC Site:

RRRASOC 2017 HHW Event Schedule    (Download or Print Version)


2.  Berrien County Residents! #BerrienCounty

Berrien County has a full flyer with all HHW event dates, information about chemicals, electronic waste, items accepted, fees, full calendar of dates, tire disposal, medical waste and how to dispose of it properly, along with instructions for sharps and needles.  Please review this information carefully.

2017 RECYCLING EVENTS FLIER BerrienCounty    (Download or Print Version)



3.  Leelanau County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Electronics Collections Recycling community event: #LeelanauCounty

PLEASE NOTE:  This event is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Please Call the Planning Department at (231) 256-9812 to make an appointment.

For accepted items and more information about the household hazardous waste collection (by appointment) event, click on this link:



hhw_flyer_2017_final Leelanau  (Download or Print Version)


Leelanau Co hhw_sites_with_collection_number_2017       (Download or Print Version)


Clean out the shed, garage, barn, cabinets and basement!  Dispose of hhw waste properly.  It is important for your community to dispose of batteries, light bulbs, household products properly.  See the flyer for your community for specific details.  #SaveThePlanet #KeepYourCommunityClean #KeepYourCommunityBeautiful #HHW #ThinkGreen #ActGreen #MakeADifference


May 12, 2017

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events Saturday May 13th

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Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Facility

Another great Saturday with multiple events!

See attached flyers for each community, accepted items, unaccepted items, hours and locations.

2017 Household Hazardous Waste Flyer


2017 Washington Twp shred dates


img img


HHW 2017 05 13

May 3, 2017

Lab Packing Services: Spring is here! Time to Schedule Spring Projects!

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Spring is HERE! Spring Projects!  

Lab Packing Services: Spring is here! Now is the time to schedule!

Many of our clients will be working on reorganizing projects, clearing out warehouse space and storage areas. Often, clients discover chemicals in small quantities that are obsolete, out of date, leaking or contaminated, even unknown. The proper packing, transportation and disposal of such chemicals is called a Lab Pack.  ERG Environmental Services specializes in Lab packing services.  Lab Packing is a commonly requested service from our client base although it is technically demanding.  ERG uses our professional, highly trained staff to segregate, inventory, containerize and prepare the regulated documentation.  ERG has over 25 years of experience in environmental services including chemical & lab packing in many industry segments.

The reasons for lab packing may be different, but clients share some common features. They have accumulated chemicals for many months, years, or even decades.  The safety risks involved with continued accumulation is significant.  The clients realize that the items are impractical to keep, and decide that the chemicals are not worth the risk of keeping them stored.

ERG will take inventories, segregate, stabilize, package, label and transport the chemicals following all regulations and laws.

Proper Disposal 

ERG provides turnkey lab pack services. Lab Packing and Chemical Packing must follow specific rules and regulations outlined by RCRA and DOT.  Improper handling, labeling and packaging could lead to health hazards, dangerous conditions or substantial fines.

Industries Served:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Labs
  • Schools
  • Medical Facilities/ Hospitals
  • Demolition
  • Facilities closing/Relocating
  • Government Facilities
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Warehouses
  • Research & Development facilities
  • Business Campuses
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Complexes


If you need to clear out or safely manage expired, contaminated, or unidentified chemicals in 5-gallon or smaller containers, your organization needs to adhere to regulations, keep incompatible wastes separate, and rely on ERG to handle your lab packing & compliance support needs.

Now is the time to schedule Spring environmental Projects!  img

Call us toll free 1.855.459.0021

From full-service recycling; material recovery, disposal and storage; comprehensive hazardous materials management and transport; and total site cleanup and remediation, ERG delivers solutions and capabilities quickly, cost-effectively, and with obsessive safety and professionalism.

April 18, 2017

6 Household Hazardous Waste Community Recycling Events This Saturday! 4/22/17

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chemical public dropoff


Communities hosting HHW Recycling Events 4/22/17

ERG is a proud service provider for many communities within Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  Each community event has individual requirements for participation, registration and accepted items. We take pride in well organized events that help keep communities beautiful.

We unload your vehicle with a smile!


1.  RRRASOC Communities:

Farmington, Farmington Hills, Milford, Milford Township, Novi, *South Lyon, Southfield, *Walled Lake, Wixom

*Only specific addresses in these communities apply

img img

2. Wayne County:


3.  Bloomfield Township:**

**Please note this event is Electronic Waste, Paper Shredding and Medication Disposal only.  


4. City Of Grosse Pointe Woods:


5. Clinton County:

By Appointment Only !

Click on the link below for all the details:

How to register to participate

How to register to volunteer

What the fee Schedule is

What is the List of accepted items–What to bring / What NOT to bring

6. Clean Up Bay City!                                                      Earth Day Celebration-Bay City



Who can attend these recycling events?  ID required

1.  RRRASOC -if you live in one of the listed cities, and please note South Lyon & Walled Lake have some specific addresses that apply.

2. Wayne County–All Wayne County residents are welcomed to participate.

3.  Bloomfield Township:  Bloomfield Township residents only, don’t forget your ID.

4.  Grosse Pointe Woods–You must be a resident of Grosse Pointe Woods and present either a valid park pass or driver’s license as proof of residency.

5.  Clinton County- Clinton County residents are welcome to participate in this community event, see link for registration.

6.  Bay City –Bay City Residents Only.  Please be prepared with your identification.



Household Hazardous Waste

If, for some reason you are unable to attend your community recycling event; ERG has drop off hours for household hazardous waste (HHW) at our Livonia and Bowling Green locations. This link gives drop off information such as: prices, days, times, accepted items list, payment methods and much more.

Household Hazardous Waste Drop off


ERG: Your 1 Source for Environmental, to learn more about products and services:

Or Call Toll Free 1.855.459.0021

April 7, 2017

Team Spotlight

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ERG Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight : ERG Environmental Services

Team Spotlight : ERG Environmental Services

For more than 25 years, ERG has held a strong position in the environmental service industry. What makes ERG unique, what we stake our reputation on, is our ability to respond to a multitude of situations with precision.  The strength and diversity of our team gives us the ability to provide superior products and services to our clients.  This Team Spotlight features the manager of our transportation department: Kirk Miller.   

Transportation Manager

Kirk Miller, Transportation Manager

ERG Environmental Services:  Team Spotlight  


Name:  Kirk Miller                                                              

What is your role here at ERG in 25 words or less?

Transportation Manager-Run the transportation department, handle vehicle maintenance, schedule trucks for pickup & delivery, handle all regulatory business for transportation.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Handling stressful situations, tactically to achieve a goal ! 

What are 3 words to describe ERG?

Professional, Committed and Determined

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I love riding my Harley-Davidson Road Glide

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Ride Route 66 all the way West

What does true leadership mean to you?

Being able to relate to employees due to experience, getting hands-on when needed to help out

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.  

I love historic tours, cemeteries, homes and forts.

ERG Environmental Services is your single-source provider for all your environmental needs.  ERG takes pride in the strength, knowledge and technical expertise of our team.

We are here to help!

Haz & Non Haz Waste Management: Waste recycling, waste disposal, transportation, drums, totes, bulk liquids, bulk solids, laboratory waste, fuels, automotive fluids, paint waste, electroplating waste, explosive waste, reactive waste, radioactive waste, van trailers, roll-offs, flatbeds, vac-trucks, tankers, turbovac

Recycling & Universal Waste Services: Fluorescent lamps, light ballast, batteries, mercury, PCB transformers, capacitors, oil, solids, sludge, soil, advanced phase separation of mixed phased PCB waste

Industrial Cleaning & Decontamination: Pressure washing, pit / sump cleaning, confined space entry, paint booth maintenance, facility maintenance, water blasting, sand blasting, dry ice blasting, tank cleaning, specializing in: PCBs, cyanides, acutely toxic, flammable, mercaptans

Site Investigation & Remediation: Subsurface sampling, Power Probe technology, soil vapor well placement, monitoring well placement, test pit excavation, site characterization, site remediation, UST location, tank opening, cleaning, removal

Landfill Free Absorbents: Pads, socks, drum tops, wipes, pillows, surface socks, spill kits, custom sizes

Training & Compliance: HAZWOPER 4, 8, 40 hour, DOT Hazmat, RCRA Compliance, Confined Space Entry, Confined Space Rescue Training, SPCC plan review, Preparation, Compliance Assistance



February 27, 2017

ERG Environmental Services exhibits Ohio Safety Congress & Expo 2017

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Safety First!

Information is KEY !

ERG is once again, exhibiting at the Ohio Safety Congress. #OSC17

Stop by and visit us at:  Booth 540

Safety is our foundation of quality & service.  ERG continuously participates in training and informational conferences; both as participants and vendors.  We will be hosting a booth at the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo again this year.  The OSC is the largest regional safety and health conference in the United States.  This event is March 8-10 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  This is a fantastic event with over 200 educational sessions, 250 exhibitors, and lots of free opportunities for continuing education and BWC program credits.  The OSC17 will be helping organizations define and refine their safety programs with an abundance of educational resources as well as exhibitors to help you along the way.  Knowledge is Key!  Get your questions answered, more information, inquire about those projects and procedures you need to finalize.  Learn about new products and services.

Register for OSC17 Today!

On behalf of ERG Environmental Services, we invite you to visit our booth at the 2017 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo (OSC17) and the 2017 Ohio Workers’ Compensation Medical & Health Symposium, March 8 to 10 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Booth 540.

The OSC17 Expo Marketplace is Ohio’s largest gathering of safety, health and wellness products, services and gear. We stand ready to show you how to keep your workforce safe and productive. Look for our booth in the Expo Marketplace on March 8 and 9.

Whether you’re a human resource professional, construction worker, small business owner or anything in between, OSC17 has something for you.

And if that isn’t enough, registration is free! Click here to learn more.

ERG Environmental Services will be exhibiting at booth 540. Stop by and gather information & talk to our team about:

For further information about ERG and our services:  1.855.459.0021

February 9, 2017

We are here to help with all of your environmental needs.

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erg project summary

We are here to help12.1.16

We Are Here To Help!



Remediation Waste Industrial Training

Haz + Non-Haz Waste Management

waste recycling • waste disposal • transportation

drums • totes • bulk liquids • bulk solids • laboratory waste

fuels • automotive fluids • paint waste • electroplating waste explosive waste • reactive waste • radioactive waste

van trailers • roll-offs • flatbeds • vac trucks/tankers • turbovac


Recycling + Universal Waste Services ●

fluorescent lamps • light ballast • batteries • mercury

PCB transformers • capacitors • oil • solids • sludge • soil

advanced phase separation of mixed phased PCB waste


pressure washing • pit / sump cleaning • confined space entry

paint booth maintenance • facility maintenance • water blasting

sand blasting • dry ice blasting • tank cleaning, specializing in:

PCBs • cyanides • acutely toxic • flammable • mercaptans


Site Investigation + Remediation

subsurface sampling • Power Probe technology

soil vapor well placement • monitoring well placement

test pit excavation • site characterization • site remediation

UST location • tank opening • cleaning • removal


HAZWOPER 4, 8, 40 hour • DOT hazmat • RCRA compliance

confined space entry • confined space rescue training

SPCC plan review • preparation • compliance assistance

First Responder • RCRA/DOT • HAZCOM


What makes ERG unique, what we stake our reputation on, is our ability to respond to our customer’s situations and needs with precision. We have over 25 years of experience and our team includes some of the most talented engineers, technicians and specialists in the industry.

ERG delivers the complete spectrum of environmental services including waste management, industrial services, and remediation services. We offer sampling, laboratory analysis, waste characterization, lab packs, packaging, marking, labeling, manifest documents, transportation and recycling/disposal. And our site remediation services are among the most comprehensive and respected in the industry.




January 17, 2017

New Position Available! Shipping & Receiving Technician

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join our team

ERG Environmental Services is expanding our Shipping/Receiving/Warehouse Team. 

Environmental firm seeking Shipping and Receiving Technician with experience at our Livonia, MI location.

We are growing! We are expanding our warehouse team.

A candidate in this position will have the responsibility to compare identifying information. This job uses counts, weights, or measures of incoming and outgoing shipments to verify information against bills of lading, manifests, invoices, orders, or other records. This position will be required examine outgoing shipments to ensure shipments meet DOT specifications and are properly labeled.  This position operates forklift trucks or use other mechanical assistance to move, convey, or hoist shipments from shipping-and-receiving platform to storage or work area.   DOT Hazmat experience, waste management, and OSHA HAZWOPER training is extremely beneficial to this position but not necessary as we will train.  A basic understanding of chemistry, organizational skills, the ability to work well with others, and multitasking is a must.

The environmental services industry is a growing field. This position offers learning opportunities, as well as a variety of projects on a daily basis. ERG values solid team work. The concept of working within a team requires members to provide communication and feedback along with problem solving ideas and skills.

About ERG:  ERG delivers the complete spectrum of waste management and remediation services. We handle all aspects of waste transaction including sampling, laboratory analysis, waste characterization, packaging, marking, labeling, manifest documents, transportation and recycling/disposal. And our site remediation services are among the most comprehensive and respected in the industry.

Capable, Responsive and Innovative 

A resume may be uploaded on or email directly to:

It is the policy of ERG Environmental Services to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons, and to recruit, hire, train, promote, and compensate persons in all jobs without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.


Selecting A Hazardous Waste Service Vendor

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Hazardous Waste Service

It comes as no surprise to you that all Hazardous Waste Service companies are not created equal.  It is important that you understand the vendor who is interested in handling your wastes.  This is important for a single reason, your ultimate liability.

The waste management regulations are specific about your liability for hazardous waste management.  You, as a generator of hazardous waste, are responsible for your waste, forever.  If a hazardous waste management facility becomes a site of environmental contamination under federal or state regulations, you will likely be financially responsible for the clean-up if you shipped any waste to that facility.

You want a competent company who can assist you in understanding the regulations.  You want a company that is concerned about your ultimate liability.  In environmental law, no one can remove you from that liability on a direct basis with the federal government.  Vendors may say that their company takes on your ultimate liability, but as a practical matter the federal government will approach you, the waste generator, and you will have to take third party legal action against your service vendor.  Do not be fooled by the transfer of liability offer that some companies make.

The size of the company does not really affect the quality of the environmental services.  Just because a firm is a national company, does not mean they have cornered the market on environmental knowledge, fiscal responsibility, or business ethics.  Large and small companies both can make errors in advising clients about environmental matters.  Competency is not directly related to the size of a company.

Actions steps for selecting a Hazardous Waste Service Vendor

Get to know your environmental service vendor personally and directly.  Take the time to really understand the ethical standards that they apply when servicing clients.  Ask a lot of questions.  Make sure you feel comfortable with the answer.  If you are not comfortable, look at some other vendors.

Check references.  Don’t just look at the list.  Make some phone calls.  Ask the tough questions about hazardous waste services, price, business ethics, financial stability, and environmental regulatory knowledge.

Contact state regulatory agencies and request a copy of the compliance file for that vendor.  Take the time to do the extra work.  There are civil and criminal penalties associated with hazardous waste management that can be applied to you personally and to your company.

Make sure you exercise good sense in Hazardous Waste Service vendor selection.  Purchasing environmental services based on price alone is not prudent.  Violations of environmental laws have put many people in prison and ended the operating life if businesses.  Don’t choose that route by being careless.

  • Be proactive.  Be careful.  Protect the environment.  Follow the law.  It’s the right thing to do.
October 7, 2016

Household Hazardous Waste Drop off

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Household Waste Disposal

Ready to recycle your Household Hazardous Waste?

Residential Hazardous Waste Drop off/Disposal

Livonia, MI & Bowling Green, OH

Monday – Friday

9 am – 4 pm

We unload your vehicle for you!


$0.75 per pound, $20 minimum   No charge for residents of these communities: (Except for latex paint)

  • Farmington
  • Farmington Hills
  • Milford
  • Milford Twp
  • Novi
  • South Lyon*
  • Southfield
  • Walled Lake*
  • Wixom
  • *Only Specific Addresses in these communities apply.

Livonia, Michigan
13040 Merriman Road Suite 200
Livonia, MI 48150 ( Use visitor entrance )
Bowling Green, Ohio
527 East Woodland Circle
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Items We Accept
  • Oil-based paints
  • Stain
  • Paint Thinners
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Household Cleaners
  • Batteries
  • Motor Oil
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Medications
  • Ammonia
  • Gasoline
  • Antifreeze
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Mercury: Mercury devices such as thermostats and thermometers are $0.75 per pound.   Liquid quicksilver is $30 per pound, 1 pound minimum.   
  • Used Computers
  • Printers
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Propane
  • Solvents
  • Wood Stripper
  • Electronics
  • Used Needles*  *Must be in hard rigid containers


Pricing:  $50 per Freon containing appliance.

Household appliances containing the refrigerant, Freon, ie;  Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and water coolers, A/C unit, mini-refrigerator, wine coolers etc.


September 9, 2016


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Waste To Energy Absorbents

Waste To Energy Absorbent Program!

ERG and GLF have developed a low cost proprietary absorbent with all the benefits of super absorbent pads, pillows and socks while handling soiled absorbents in a low cost, environmentally friendly method instead of a landfill.

Company wants to save money & have disposal options?

Let’s talk about “Waste to Energy”?

Here’s a cost effective option!

Our Waste To Energy Absorbent program offers a superior absorbent, then when soiled and ready for disposal, ERG handles the pickup. Using our proprietary process, we will terminate and re purpose the material, provide a certificate to document the material was handled correctly. All aspects of our program meet or exceed all U.S. Environmental requirements and provides peace of mind knowing that the waste is handled responsibly. Contact us today for more information and receive a FREE environmental evaluation!

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#Sorbents #WasteToFuel #PickUp #GreenInitiatives #DisposalOptions

Contact us today! We can help!

Types of Absorbents:

NeuSorb™ Items to order:

  • Pads
  • Socks
  • Drum Tops
  • Spill Kits
  • Railroad Track Mats
  • Wipes
  • Pillows
  • Surface Socks
  • Custom Sizes Available

Downloadable Product Catalog

How does the Program work?

Have you ever thought of where your used absorbents and wipes go after they leave your facility? Every year millions of pounds of these waste streams end up in a landfill. Is Protecting the environment important to you and your facility but having trouble finding alternatives to Landfill with a competitive price point?

ERG has THE solution for you!

Waste To Energy Absorbents

#Totes #Toters #96gallons #ExchangeProgram #Delivery #Waste #WasteDisposal 

#DisposalAlternatives #WeAreERG  #WeAreHereToHelp  #Energy  #WasteToEnergy #Absorbents

#Sorbents #WasteToFuel #PickUp #GreenInitiatives #DisposalOptions

Go LANDFILL FREE ~ The Way Life Should Be    #WasteToEnergy #WasteAlternatives

  • STEP 1: ERG Environmental Services launch an absorbents program with your company, setting up quantities, and delivery of recycling containers.
  • STEP 2: When the absorbent is used to soak up a spill, or wipe down parts, control leaks, etc (to name a few uses), place the used pads into the recycling container.
  • STEP 3: Schedule a pickup when the container is full.
  • STEP 4: ERG picks up your container filled with used absorbents, and drops off a new container filled with new absorbents for you to use around your business.

#Totes #Toters #96gallons #ExchangeProgram #Delivery #Waste #WasteDisposal 

#DisposalAlternatives #WeAreERG  #WeAreHereToHelp  #Energy  #WasteToEnergy #Absorbents

#Sorbents #WasteToFuel #PickUp #GreenInitiatives #DisposalOptions

One phone call, and your absorbents problems disappear: 1.855.459.0021

August 16, 2016

Waste Management

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Household Hazardous Waste Services

ERG Environmental Services is a single-source provider for the removal and management of RCRA and TSCA regulated materials, non-hazardous materials, and household hazardous materials. We are committed to assisting your organization manage and reduce not only the amount of waste that is generated but also the amount of waste that your organization places in a landfill. ERG would also appreciate the opportunity to help you reach your zero landfill objectives. ERG’s main goal is to improve your environmental footprint while delivering the highest level of customer service at a competitive cost.

ERG provides full service hazardous, non-hazardous, universal and electronic waste management. From segregation and packaging of expired or obsolete chemicals to the sampling, analysis and hazard characterization of unknown waste, ERG offers you the knowledge and professionalism to completely manage your drum pad or waste storage area.

ERG operates one of very few RCRA PART B licensed universal waste recycling facilities servicing the Midwest. Our knowledge of waste and the ability to handle any waste your facility generates can minimize your organization’s labor, material handling and transport costs, as well as minimize exposure to the liabilities associated with hazardous waste management.

Additionally, ERG is a leader in the management of household hazardous waste collection events, with over 50+ events conducted annually. Events are typically sponsored by local municipalities for community participation but events are increasingly sponsored by corporations for participation by employees. ERG welcomes the opportunity to provide this demonstration of corporate social responsibility to your company.

  • Waste Sampling and Analysis
  • Waste Characterization Assistance
  • Transport of Containerized and Bulk Liquid, Sludge and Solid Waste
  • Roll-off Services
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Non-hazardous Waste Management
  • PCB Advanced Phase Separation (APS) for Multi-Phasic PCB Waste
  • Recoverable Petroleum Product Management
  • Used Oil and Antifreeze Recycling
  • Radioactive Waste Services
  • Management of Unstable Chemical Compounds
  • Material Recovery – Metals, Plastics, Glass etc.
  • Universal and Electronic Waste Management
  • Mercury Retorting for Mercury Recovery from Devices
  • Air Bag Management
  • Hazardous Metal Recycling
  • Chemical Inventories, Lab Packing, Disposal and Reporting
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Events
  • Plant Decommissioning and Closure
  • Assistance with Official Responses to Regulatory Agencies
  • Development of RCRA Contingency Plans